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Welcome to our pages on Press Operator How-to's, Registration Gotcha's, and Tips. This page will show you how the COMCO Pro-Glide Auto Register actually works, (or doesn't), to get full value from your COMCO flexographic Printing Press.

We (hopefully) won't tell you how to print your jobs &mdash you know your work a lot better than we do &mdash but here and there we may make some suggestions. And if you have some advice for us on how you use the system, or if you (violently or otherwise) disagree with us on some point, we'd very much like you to pass on your thoughts on to us. We will probably include them in this page.

We would like everybody involved with the running and operation of the Press to read these pages. We include Helpers, Operators, Leads, Foremen, Supervisors, VP's, and Owners. We think these pages will be helpful to Maintenance as well.

These pages will be in a constant state of change. Please check back regularly to see if new material has been added.

We will also use these pages to "flesh out" how to operate new Press Registration Features as these become available. So, to start things off with a bang, I'd like to describe the latest Registration Controller Program changes:

  • Auto-Register Program Versions

    Also, we'd appreciate your feed-back as to what new Press Registration features you'd like to see. We are particularly interested in what we can change to save you set-up time, and make set-up easier.

    Someday this page will expand and branch much more comprehensively than it does now. But for now I want to describe how to use a new Press Registration feature:

  • Getting into Initial Register Really, Really Fast.

    Next, a couple of manuals that you might find useful:

    This describes the functioning of the Registration System, probably in more detail than you'd like:

  • How the COMCO registration works, along with descriptions of how you use it.

    This describes the functioning of the Bus Master, probably in far more detail than you'd like:

  • Bus Master Manual.

    This page describes the Register Keyboard and its keys, all of the Registration Keyboard Key Combinations, and what they do. For instance, how to set the Station Number.

  • Registration Keyboard Key Combinations.

    Now, some text documents:

    This is the procedure to view or change the number of gear teeth that the Registration System thinks are on the Impression Cylinder Print Roll Drive Gear:

  • Resetting the Impression Cylinder Gear Teeth value.

    Howto's: You can set up various features, values, and operations by means of the "Set Operating Parameters" feature.

    How to set up the "Set Operating Parameters" feature. This features the Mark Series Presses:

  • How to set up the Operating Parameters -- Custom Set-up.

    And a couple of examples of setting an Operating Parameter (feature):

  • How to set up the Small Corrections -- Custom Set-up.

  • How to set up the Small Corrections on Commanders, Pro Glides, and MSP presses -- Custom Set-up.

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