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Welcome to our pages on Really Good Deals on Used Parts.

We do not sell "seconds," nor do we sell used parts made by other manufacturers.

But from time to time we take back some of our products, almost always by way of Upgrade Exchanges, and we sell the parts which are surplus to our needs. We sell them as used at a substantial discount from the "new" price.

If the part has a flaw, we will clearly state what the flaw is. Otherwise, you can assume that we've reconditioned the part to "Like New" condition. We will state the part's date of manufacture, and we'll will tell you what we know of its service and repair history.

Unless we state otherwise, we will attach our 1 years' warranty to the Part.

Offer 0001: A really good deal on CN8300 COMCO Registration Controllers

rse-2d in hand We've recently taken back small number of CN8300 COMCO Registration Controllers as a result of an upgrade exchange. They are in excellent condition, and we are re-selling them to you at the incredibly low price of $675.00. First come first serve.

Pictured at left, these controllers are the “brains” behind the COMCO Auto-Register system. (To see how to use it, click on the image.) They will give you both the Constant Error Correction and VariPrint features.

Executive Summary:


Credit Card, COD, or established terms.

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call Mike Riechers at 513/844-2220,, or any of the contact information below:

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