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Taking the Time to do the Firmware Right.

[Photo of the Front Side of our rse-2c micro-controller card] [Photo of the Back Side of our rse-2c micro-controller card]

[Dimensions are 2.8 inch by 1.7 inch, for 72mm track mounting]

[Has RS-485, Opto-isolated and differential inputs, 30V outputs]

Welcome to the Systems Engineering Web Server, We've served the Embedded Computer Market since 1987, providing custom software and hardware for Industrial Control. We're a small company, some half-dozen of us, but we're large in technical expertise, each of us having from eight to thirty years experience in software and hardware development.

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M. L. Riechers Systems Engineering     Voice:  +1-513-844-2220
530 Main Street                        Fax:    +1-513-844-2279
Hamilton, Ohio 45013-3222, USA         mlr(at)rse(dot)com

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