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We've long since provided OEM hardware and software to our major customers, and, when needed, repair services.

So, with some of the parts we have manufactured, programmed, or have OEM'd getting along in age (10 or 20 or even more years!), we thought it was about time to announce our continuing support of these older products:

COMCO ARC 1000 Electronic Registration System Components:

(Please see the MLRSE ARC-1000 901 replacement board price reduction Press Release 16 February 2009. MLRSE Announces Price Reductions on its ARC-1000 901 replacement board. Also, please check out the ARC-1000 901 replacement board itself.)

COMCO offered its ARC 1000 Registration System on selected Captain and Commander Flexographic Printing Presses from the mid 1980's to about the end of 1997, and, for its time, was a respectable and economical product. In general, replacement parts for this system, such as motors, photo-eyes, Opto-relays, power supplies, and so on, are readily available off the market. Since you can buy these from a number of sources, we don't sell them.

What you can't buy (new) for any price is the micro-processor controlled electronics: what we call the "501/590 Operator Console" and the "901 board". The Company that made them stopped production in the mid '90's, partially because many of the chips on that board were going obsolete.

But, we have a solution. We can recondition your 590 console unit, give it a face lift, and, if you want, replace the LCD display with a bright self-emissive vacuum florescent display that you can actually read.

And, we can replace your "901 registration board" with one of our new replacement boards. Please check out some reasons why you should.

UV Technologies UV Lamp Control Systems:

For several years, commencing in 1992, UV Technologies (a sister company to COMCO) sold Ultraviolet Ink Curing systems for the Printing Industry. These were widely installed on COMCO's and other manufacturer's Printing Presses, and used what we call the "590 UV Console," which, except for cosmetics, is almost identical to the the "501/590 Operator Console."

W can also recondition these, just like the "501/590 Operator Console." Please see a before and after picture to get an idea of what we can do.

COMCO Pro-Glide and later Electronic Registration Control Systems:

In late 1993 COMCO introduced a new Electronic Registration Control System for the MARK Series Presses (by far and away the finest Flexographic Press ever produced anywhere, anytime). The Electronic Registration Control System was pretty good, too. I know, because I designed and wrote it. Its goals were simple: make it take accurate measurements, make it re-position the register with precision, make it easy to operate from the Print Station, and make each Print Station's Electronic Registration Control absolutely independent of any other station's, or a central controller. I think we succeeded.

By 1997 COMCO concluded that the old ARC 1000 had had its day, and decided to replace it with a "boxed" version of the Mark Series Register Control, but, other than that, keeping to the goals of the Mark Register Systems. Yet, the one indisputable improvement over the ARC 1000 was the use of the Stepping Motor to mechanically adjust the Register.

COMCO is, of course, still selling this system. You can get it on a new Press, or have them retrofit it to yours. If you don't already have this system, phone them today. You'll be glad you did.

In general, replacement parts for this system, such as motors, photo-eyes, power supplies, and so on, are readily available from COMCO, from third party suppliers, or off the market. Since you can buy these from a number of sources, we don't sell them.

But if your Register "box" should fail, we can fix it.

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